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  • 17 May  "Building trust and understanding is the key to everything." – wisdom from a board member, just now, in a conversation about excellence

  • 9 May  "You can't norm enough!" – vet board president, this morning, during a rich chat about crucial habits and standards of great governing

  • 4 Apr  

"There are just so many moving parts, it's crazy!" – cutting-edge superintendent on the massive accumulation of "change mandates" in CO

  • 2 Apr 

  "Let's not call it strategic planning, let's go with strategic DOING..." – collaboration guru @ today's CO BOCES Assoc mtg

  • 11 Mar 

  "I fear that our leaders in education are educating for the last century." – Karl Fisch on ed changes afoot, ‪http://bit.ly/13QAEIF 

  • 5 Mar 

  "It's great when you know that people are asking, 'How will this impact rural?'" – superintendent from the 75% of CO that's "small system"

  • 13 Feb 

  "Hands down it's helping make me a better teacher." – member of CDE's Rural Ed Council on educator effectiveness pilot process, last week
  • 30 Jan 

  "Choosing what we are going to ignore may (be)...the most impt, most strategic time-mgmt decision of all – McKinseyRept ‪http://bit.ly/X0y75K 

  • 24 Jan 

  RT ‪@richardgerver: When are politicians going to construct education policy based on the needs of kids rather than media headlines and...

  • 11 Jan 

  "Leadership feels like a talking role, but it is predominately a listening role." – more from today's Leading Blog, ‪http://bit.ly/VQgrgI 

  • 21 Dec 

  "Lead. Solve. Change." – on all materials of the Buechner Institute for Governance @ its first-Friday breakfasts


  • 29 Nov 

  "Your voice counts!" – CDE commissioner Robert Hammond encouraging CASB leaders at the BigConvening

  • 29 Nov 

  "You need a pipeline with your local leaders to the state level" –  Rep Tom Massey at rural leadership gathering,  CASB convention

  • 23 Oct 

  "What we don't have is the financial ability to hire extra teaching time to help students catch up."– exec at today's West Slope supts mtg.

  • 30 Aug   

"Do your best work, focus on adapting and effecting change on what you CAN control." - word to people & teams leadING – ‪http://gapingvoid.com

  • 20 Aug   

"None of this really matters as long as [leaders are] passionately driven for a cause beyond themselves." – excellence guru Jim Collins

  • 17 Aug   

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  • 7 Aug 

  "Now is the time to create a system that is equitable, innovative and sufficiently funded." – from new CO School Finance Partnership report

  • 25 Jul 

  "Colorado's financial crisis can't solve itself." – Douglas County student leader Hayley Stromberg, this morning @ CASE convention 

  • 19 Jul   

"Making things harder is not the same thing as raising expectations." – wisdom amid a board conversation abt increasing student achievement

  • 17 Jul   

"Our financial reality is just awful." – vet board member discussing the challenge of redefining "quality" in this era of stress and less

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