CASB Great Governing

A service of the Colorado Association of School Boards, Great Governing is dedicated to citizen leaders learning, growing and achieving for "the sake of the kids." For a conversation, contact Randy Black at CASB headquarters, 1200 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado 80203.

800-530-8430, 303-832-1000

CASB GreatGoverning resources are part of a "gold mine" of CASB assets, all good for ideas, models, solutions, and supports to help you and your governing team continously improve.  Easy and essential maximizers: 

  • Meet with your team mentor on an ongoing basis.
  • Stay fresh with local board policies on the roles, responsibilities and limitations of your board of education.
  • Use CASB's Leadership WORKbook for ongoing individual and team sharpening.
  • Sign up for free emails of each GreatGoverning blog post. Automatically subscribed:  CASB presidents, superintendents, Class of 2011 members, and the newly elected Class of 2013.
  • Catch tweets @casbgreatgov.
  • Use blog postings, pics and pages to trigger mentoring and team development conversations.
  • Engage with your governing team in 2-3 work sessions each year to appraise, sharpen and take next steps of effectiveness.
  • Build a regular discussion about board effectiveness into work sessions and regular meetings. 
  • Live out a simplified plan to develop your personal insights and mature your leadership
  • Talk or get together with board leaders of neighboring districts
  • Maximize your leadership at CASB learning events:  webinars, regionals, conferences, and annual convention.
  • Connect with your CASB staff (each department represents a crucial element of great governing):  800-530-8430; 303-832-1000. For a quick list of services, go here.   For a list of staff members and email links, go here.
  • Link to CASB's Facebook page, here